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Despite having a damn good rummage through David Sullivan’s extensive film archive, there was one glaring omission – the original cinema trailers. Considering how extensively Mary’s Roldvale-produced films played throughout the UK from 1977 to 1985, I presumed that there would be a crate over-flowing with worn-out promos. However, this wasn’t the case. There were none whatsoever. However, just recently I uncovered something quite special – the original 1977 trailer for Come Play with Me. It may be only 2 minutes 27 seconds in length, but, boy, does it pack in the rude stuff! It’s all here… Harrison Marks and Alfie Bass being jumped on by a hoard of girls; Derek Aylward in bed with Lisa Taylor; the freezing cold nude swimming pool party; Thick Wilson getting his thighs roughly massaged by German sex-bomb Sonia and, finally, Mary treating Howard Nelson to some colonic irrigation. And the excitable voice-over promises punters the greatest movie ever made…

British Board of Film Censors X Certificate

Come Play with Me title






“What mysteries lay behind the grey walls of this stately home in the Scottish Highlands?” we are asked. Well, there’s only one answer… “GIRLS!”


Mary with lipstick






“Hold onto your seats as you meet a coach-load of the dolliest strippers, who are set to put Bovington Manor on the map; where the name of the game is ‘anything goes’ and it certainly does!”

AND MORE GIRLS! Harrison Marks directs one of the happiest, swinging rave-ups of the year! Come Play with Me offers all the ingredients to make this film one of the box office smashes of the year. Make sure you don’t miss out!”

Mary Millington

Mary on top of man






MARY MILLINGTON! David Sullivan and Harrison Marks have combined their talents to bring you one of the funniest, sexiest romps ever to be screened. Be sure to watch out for opening dates!”

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