The Cover Girls of ‘Come Play with Me’

I thought it might just be interesting to see a selection of ‘top shelf’ magazine covers – all featuring photographs of the principal female cast of 1977’s Come Play with Me.

Come Play with Me covers

So here we have Mary Millington gracing the cover of Playbirds #1 (1975), Suzy Mandel on National News #8 (1976), Nicola Austine on Whitehouse #26 (1977), Anna Bergman on Volume 6, #2 of Knave (1974), Suzette Sangalo Bond on Whitehouse #31 (1977), Suzette St Clair on Volume 8, #12 of Mayfair (1973), Lisa Taylor on Supermag #6 (1975), Penny Chisholm on New MS #9 (1976) and Sonia Svenberger on issue #38 of Private (1977). Right in the middle is a leggy Pat Astley on issue #274 of pocket-sized magazine Spick (1976), published by Toco Ltd.

Despite Pat appearing a huge amount of times in David Sullivan’s magazines throughout the late-1970s, he never actually awarded her cover girl status. David doesn’t recall why, despite the fact that they were lovers for a while. You might be mistaken for thinking that Pat did finally make the front cover of Playbirds issue #17, but that image was merely faked for the 1978 movie version of The Playbirds. On screen, actor Kenny Lynch flicks through the mocked-up mag shortly after poor Pat’s body is found.

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