An Intimate Journal

Borrowing its name from the erotic writings of Anaïs Nin, The Journal of Love first hit British news-stands in 1977. Published by Gold Star Publications (already the home of Rustler and New Direction), the magazine was aimed at ‘swinging couples’ and attempted to be a little more highbrow than its competitors. Although it had a porno shelf-life spread over four decades (it survived until the new millennium), Journal of Love has all been forgotten, never enduring in the public consciousness like the better-known Playbirds, Mayfair, Knave or Men Only. Mary cropped up in a few issues (in photos from early on in her career), but this particular edition is my absolute favourite.

Journal of Love Nicola Austine 1983

Volume 6 Number 2, from 1983, features a beautiful striking cover image of my friend Nicola Austine. The photograph was taken many years earlier (by Nicola’s husband Colin Ramsay), but this was common practice by Journal of Love. As late as 1988 Rosemary England (who had long since retired from glamour modelling) featured on the cover of the magazine. Nicola told me an interesting fact about Rosemary’s legendary boobs: “They weren’t real,” she reveals. “When I first met her in 1979 on the set of Queen of the Blues, boob jobs were still quite rare, and all of us models were fascinated when she showed them off!”

All words strictly © Simon Sheridan 2015

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