Mary Takes an Easy Ride

Although Mary’s saucy travels around the UK are usually associated with Playbirds magazine – kicking off in Leeds in issue #1 and ending (posthumously) in Swindon for issue #41 – Mary did appear in travelogues for many of Playbirds’ companion titles. She enjoyed occasional dalliances around the UK for Whitehouse, Park Lane, Romp, Sexus, Cockade and Lovebirds. In the latter publication Mary famously visited a men’s prison, HMP Blundeston in Suffolk (issue #16), once the home of Reggie Kray. Over in Private she started a provincial tour in Cardiff (for issue #28), eventually concluding in Leicester some twenty issues later. For the Mary Millington on the Move feature in Climax magazine she ‘travelled’ further afield, to Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong. Like a fair proportion of her UK adventures, many of these apparently ‘overseas’ articles were actually faked, although it would be a mistake to think that Mary rarely left South East England.

Mary Millington Hitchhike

Indeed, Mary was the consummate explorer. In Weekend Sex magazine Mary appeared in yet another travel feature, this time rather blandly-entitled Mary Millington Moves Around. For issue #18 (first published in 1976) she bravely hitch-hikes to Leeds for a sex romp. The accompanying photo features Mary thumbing a lift beside the bleak A467, wearing just a t-shirt, hot-pants and knee-high kinky boots. Rarely seen nowadays, the picture is one of my favourites, and proves, once again, that during the 1970s, Mary was a gift to glamour photographers.

All words strictly © Simon Sheridan 2015

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