Mary Millington in Margate

The 2016 Mary Millington documentary, ‘Respectable’ is having a special screening in Margate on Friday 1st March at Marine Studios, as part of their ‘Censored’ event. Director/writer Simon Sheridan be there doing a Q&A.

Tickets available at:

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Mary Millington Reissued!

On Monday 22 August 2022, Mary Millington’s most famous movies – Come Play with Me (1977) and The Playbirds (1978) will be reissued as single discs by Screenbound International Pictures. Packed with special features made by Mary’s biographer, Simon Sheridan, the films can be ordered from Amazon.

Mary Millington blu-rays

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Mary Millington Returns in High Definition!

On 22 June 2020 The Mary Millington Movie Collection finally receives a luxury release on Blu-ray. This five-disc box-set features beautiful HD remasters of Mary’s most legendary feature films from the late-1970s, including Come Play with Me (1977), The Playbirds (1978), Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979), Queen of the Blues (1979) and Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions (1980). Also included is the 2015 documentary Respectable – The Mary Millington Story. All of the films are making their debut on Blu-ray disc. Additionally, the box-set comes with a chunky 80-page illustrated book, written by Simon Sheridan, telling the story of the making of the movies.

On each disc boasts a luscious collection of new bonus features, including:

  • ‘Ten Million Dirty Words’ (brand new featurette about Harry Knights, the Nottingham-based porn writer who helped create Mary’s image).
  • ‘In Bed with Josie Harrison Marks’ (new interview with Josie Harrison Marks, the daughter of ‘Come Play With Me’s director George Harrison Marks).
  • ‘Confessions of a Photographer’ (new interview with George Richardson, the photographer who snapped Mary topless at 10 Downing Street)
  • ‘David Galaxy and Me’ (new interview with actress Sally Faulkner, who recalls working with Alan Lake on Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair)
  • ‘Mary on Location’ (new ‘Then and Now’ travelogue revisiting the main locations in Mary’s life and films, narrated by actress Judy Matheson)
  • ‘Aural Sex’ (Mary Millington’s archive voice recording; with a new introduction by adult actress Clyda Rosen)
  • ‘Millington/Sheridan’ (interview with filmmaker and writer Simon Sheridan)
  • ‘8mmillington’ (compilation of the ‘tamer’ sequences from Mary’s hardcore 8mm films)
  • ‘The Naked Truth’ (alternate 1982 introduction to the VHS release of ‘True Blue Confessions’)
  • Emmanuelle In Soho prologue’ (elements from Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions were re-edited to create this prologue for 1981’s Emmanuelle in Soho)
  • New ‘Come Play with Me’ audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and actress Sue Longhurst’
  • New ‘The Playbirds’ audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and director Willy Roe.
  • New ‘Queen of the Blues’ audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and actor Allan Warren.
  • New ‘Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions’ audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and executive producer David Sullivan.
  • ‘Respectable: The Mary Millington Story’ audio commentary by director Simon Sheridan and the BFI’s Sam Dunn.
  • ‘Response’ (8mm softcore short film, 1974)
  • ‘Wild Lovers’ (8mm softcore short film, 1974)
  • ‘Party Pieces’ (8mm softcore short film, 1974)
  • ‘Sex Is My Business’ (8mm softcore short film, 1975)
  • ‘Come Play with Me’ original 1977 trailer

The box-set is available now to pre-order from Amazon:

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40 Years Ago Today

Mary Millington died in the early hours of 19 August 1979, aged 33. So, finally, here we are… exactly 40 years later. God bless you, Mary.

“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  (Dylan Thomas)

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Mary Millington: Icon

Mary Millington

Hard to believe, but Mary Millington died 39 years ago today. However, her iconic status as Britain’s most celebrated, and trailblazing, porn performer endures. Next year, the 40th anniversary of Mary’s death will be celebrated in grand style, with her most famous films taking centre-stage in an exciting new project.

In the meantime, RIP Mary. You’ll never be forgotten.

Image © Simon Sheridan 2018

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The Lady in Red

In the spring of 1978 Mary was booked for an assignment with prolific glamour photographer Colin Ramsay, at a studio in London’s West End. An enthusiastic Mary undressed and reclined on a satin-covered sofa, hugging her mink coat to her bosom. The background was decorated a rich red, to emphasise Mary’s increasing fame as a ‘scarlet woman’. It was just another job for Mary, but the photographs that emerged from that session became some of the most widely-distributed of her career. Ironically, although the mink coat was stolen during a break-in at Mary’s house in Putney later that year, the photos had a longer life, even after her tragic death.

Mary Millington Betrayed Amazing

Ramsay sold one of the photos to Futura Books for the front cover of Mary’s ghosted ‘autobiography’ The Amazing Mary Millington, released in September 1978. It was a cheeky shot since Mary’s bum could be viewed on the reverse of the cover. An alternate shot appeared on the front and back covers of the magazine-version of Mary’s story, posthumously published in the autumn of 1979.

A year later, in 1980, yet another pose from the session was licensed by pornographer John Lindsay, for one of the covers of his VHS and Betamax compilations of early-seventies’ 8mm shorts. Mary’s hardcore film Betrayed – shot in Holland in 1971, with Lindsay directing – was top-billed amongst five other non-Millington shorts, but Mary was definitely the main attraction.

Interestingly, the small scar Mary had on her upper right arm (the result of a polio jab when she was young) was retouched for the book and video covers, but it is clearly visible on the magazine cover.

All words and photograph © Simon Sheridan 2018

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Mary is Open for Business!

Every September, as part of the Heritage Open Days scheme, hundreds of great buildings across the UK open their doors to visitors. In London alone over 250,000 people take the opportunity to get under the skin of the capital’s amazing architecture, and visit buildings which are not usually accessible to the general public.

As part of this amazing celebration of architecture and history, The Barge House bar and restaurant in Haggerston, London N1, will be playing host to some of the kinkiest attractions in the country!

Over the weekend of the 16 and 17 September the building will be taking inspiration from its previous incarnation as the original 1970s’ print-works of David Sullivan’s adult magazines, many of which featured Mary Millington within their pages.

Open Doors Mary Millington

Taking its cue from the building’s colourful past, The Barge House hosts a weekend that will explore the history and culture of British erotica and provide a provocative programme of exhibitions, discussions and performances. The bar, mezzanine and event lounge will be transformed into gallery and performance spaces that will host stimulating talks, screenings, installations and workshops based around sex in print, celluloid and online, plus the factors that influence porn culture.

Mary Millington Barge House

It seems wholly appropriate then that Respectable – The Mary Millington Story will be having a very special screening in the venue at 4.30pm on Saturday 16 September, followed by a Q&A with director/producer Simon Sheridan.

The full programme of events, and information on how to book tickets, can be found on the Barge House website.

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The Ghost on the Canvas

Today – 19 August 2017 – marks the anniversary of Mary Millington’s tragic death. Her family and friends, and myself, will continue to celebrate the colourful, unique life of this amazing, pioneering young woman.

38 years after her passing, Mary lives on in film, photographs and words, and her legacy endures. She touched the lives of so many people who never even met her.

In the lyrics of the late Glen Campbell, one of Mary’s all-time favourite singers…

 ‘Ashes to ashes we all fall in love, with the ghost on the canvas…’

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Mary’s Rhinestone Dream

Mary was always an enthusiastic lover of pop music from her teenage years right through to her tragically young death, aged just 33. Aside from her love of British singer-songwriter Labi Siffre, her other passion was for US Country and Western performer Glen Campbell.

Over the course of a 55-year-long recording career, Campbell released over 60 albums and Mary was particularly enamoured of his classic 1975 album Rhinestone Cowboy, the title track of which she was known to sing along too, quite loudly, although Mary professed to having no musical talent whatsoever! Her friends still recall that Mary played his songs endlessly on her record player.

Rhinestone Cowboy

After a valiant fight against Alzheimer’s disease Glen Campbell died yesterday aged 81. In hindsight, the ‘hustling for success’ sentiment of Rhinestone Cowbody seems particularly poignant to Mary’s own struggles in her private life. Maybe that’s why the lyrics resonated so much with her.

“Well, I really don’t mind the rain. And a smile can hide all the pain…”

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Keep It Up in Spain

One of the favourite cinema posters I have in my archive is from Mary’s 1978 release El Decapendon. If you’ve never heard of this film before, that’s totally understandable, since it’s the Spanish version of 1976’s historical sex romp, Keep It Up Downstairs, directed by the wonderful Robert Young.

Keep It Up Downstairs premiered in the UK on 29 July 1976 at the now-demolished ABC cinema on London’s Edgware Road. The film was the first in which Mary was credited on-screen with her ‘Millington’ moniker, and despite relatively lavish production values (for a British sex comedy) and a cast boasting Diana Dors, Francoise Pascal and Willie Rushton, the movie was sadly not a box office success.

El Decapendon Mary Millington

As with most sex comedies of the era it was shot with additional hardcore sequences. In the case of Keep It Up Downstairs these extra scenes were overseen – rather surprisingly – by producer Hazel Adair, best known as the co-creator of ITV soap opera, Crossroads. The more explicit (and dubbed) version of the film was released throughout Europe, to varying degrees of success. Nearly two years after its British debut, it premiered in Spain on 5 June 1978, released by Mundial Films, under the title El Decapendon, a spoof on director Pier Pablo Pasolini’s hugely controversial Italian film, Il Decameron.

El Decapendon 1978 poster

Despite Mary’s fairly small supporting role in the movie, as saucy scullery maid Polly, on the Spanish poster she totally dominates the colourful artwork – caught in a clinch with co-star Simon Brent.

All words strictly © Simon Sheridan 2017

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