Mary Comes to Gloucester

During her extensive nationwide travelogues for David Sullivan’s stable of men’s magazines, Mary Millington barely ventured into the West Country. Mary was photographed in my home town of Bristol for issue of #31 of Private in 1975 (and was referenced in an article about ‘motorway services sex’ on the outskirts of the city for Park Lane #9) but that was about it. She never, as far as I’m aware, ever visited Gloucestershire, but that is all set to change…

Mary Millington Gloucester

On Saturday 14 May, my film, Respectable – The Mary Millington Story, will be playing for one night only at the historic Guildhall Cinema in the centre of Gloucester. I’ll be attending, to introduce the film on the big screen, and doing a Q&A afterwards. Tickets can be obtained from the Guildhall website.

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Mary, Uncut!

Mary Millington 18 certificate

I’m really pleased that Respectable – The Mary Millington Story has been passed totally uncut by the BBFC. The film can be seen in all its glory on Netflix, and on special edition DVD from 2nd May 2016.

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Celebrating Mary Millington Day!

Well, 7th April was ‘Mary Millington Day’ in London, when we unveiled a plaque commemorating Come Play with Me and premièred my new film on her incredible life, Respectable – The Mary Millington Story, at the beautiful Regent Street Cinema. From beginning to end it was an amazing event, full of laughter, stories and a few tears. Thanks to all my wonderful friends for their continuing support, and to Mary’s family for making it a day never to be forgotten. Here’s a photo of myself with some Come Play with Me alumni – my friends Nicola Austine, Sue Longhurt, Willy Roe and David Sullivan – outside the old Moulin cinema in Great Windmill Street, W1.

David Sullivan at the unveiling of the blue plaque to Mary Milli

I, personally, have so many people to thank for a perfect day – Novus Leisure, Soho Estates, Westminster City Council, Regent Street Cinema, Content Media, London Live, Ugly Models, Alexandra Collins Photography plus David Sullivan, the Quilters, the Maxteds, my Respectable cast and crew and very special guests (aside from those pictured above) – including Clyda Rosen, Flanagan, Jess Conrad, Ed Tudor-Pole, Linzi Drew, Allan Warren, Dave Cash, Françoise Pascal, Michael Armstrong, David McGillivray, Kim Newman and Josie Harrison Marks, plus many, many more.

Thank you all for helping me celebrate the life and legacy of Mary Millington. I was extremely proud and it was, genuinely, the very best day of my life.

Photograph strictly © Alexandra Collins Photography 2016

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Mary on Netflix!

I’m very proud to officially announce that Respectable – The Mary Millington Story will be available to watch on Netflix from today; much earlier than anticipated. Thanks to everybody at Netflix for their amazing support and for being so enthusiastic about the documentary, right from the outset. We are absolutely thrilled that Mary’s incredible story will be available for millions of people to watch across the world.

Netflix Mary Millington

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Today… is Mary Millington Day

Today marks the climax of many years of extremely hard work.

7 April 2016 is the day when Mary Millington is at long last recognised with a blue plaque in London, and my feature-length documentary about her incredible life – Respectable – The Mary Millington Story – finally gets released on the big screen at London’s beautiful Regent Street Cinema. We had a test-screening of the movie on Tuesday, and here’s a photo of it below. For me, personally, it’s been a long, colourful, and sometimes tortuous journey, but we did it Mary… we made it to the end!

Mary Millington Respectable Regent Street Cinema

To those amazing people who have supported me through this – the cast and crew of Respectable, Mary’s family, David Sullivan, Baker Street Ventures, Pinewood Studios, Cheltenham Film Studios, Content Media, London Live and all my fantastic friends and family – I thank you all. To those bitter bloggers, naysayers and industry bullshitters – we proved you all wrong. 

Today we celebrate ‘Mary Millington Day’ in London, and across the world from tomorrow Respectable will be available to watch on Netflix in UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I have dreamt of this day. It is like a fantasy come true.

I owe an awful lot to Mary. She was a truly incredibly woman. God bless you.

Simon Sheridan

All words and photograph strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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Respectable – The Mary Millington Story

Tomorrow – 7 April 2016 – Respectable – The Mary Millington Story will have its world première at the Regent Street Cinema in London’s West End. Cast, crew, Mary’s family, friends and co-stars will be in attendance. For the first time since 1989 (when the Moulin Cinema in Soho reissued Come Play with Me), Mary Millington finally returns to the big screen in London.

Respectable poster image

All words and photograph strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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Blue Movies… Blue Plaques…

Mary Millington is unquestionably the most famous pornographic actress this country has ever produced, and her best-known film Come Play with Me holds the record for Britain’s longest-running movie ever. Why then, has this never been publicly recognised? Well, very soon it will be. As I hinted at last year, I’ve been working extremely hard to make sure Mary has a permanent memorial in her spiritual home, Soho, W1. I’m eternally grateful to David Sullivan, Soho Estates, Westminster City Council and The Soho Society for helping me make this happen. Finally, on 7 April 2016, Mary and Come Play with Me will take their place – forever – in Great Windmill Street. Here’s the very first, exclusive, glimpse of what’s to come…

Mary Millington blue plaque

All words and photograph strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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On Location: Going Intercontinental

Throughout her career in the adult industry, Mary supplemented the earnings she made from her modelling assignments by regularly working as an escort to the rich, famous and not-so-famous. In the early-1970s she worked closely alongside fellow model Maureen O’Malley (later amusingly re-christened ‘Mary Whitehouse’ by David Sullivan for the pages of Whitehouse magazine). In fact, it was O’Malley, who sadly died in 2013, who first introduced Mary to the millionaire publisher in February 1974. Mary and Maureen did many jobs together – both as models, and as escorts. They appeared together in photo-sets for several Goldstar publications during 1974, including Sex Games, Sexpert and Super Sexpert. Off the page they entertained clients at locations around London, including some of the swankiest hotels in town.

The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington was popular with Mary, as was the Cumberland in Marylebone and the Park Tower in Knightsbridge. During the mid-1970s Playbirds magazine was obsessed with publishing exposés on ‘whoring at London’s top hotels’ and many of the venues Mary favoured were featured in lengthy – and salacious – articles.

Hotel InterContinental 1977

Mary’s favourite hotel was the imposing Intercontinental, situated at the busy junction of Hyde Park Corner and Park Lane. Built in 1974, the five-star hotel was not to everybody’s taste, since its ultra-modern box-style construction seemed at odds with its historic postcode. Aside from its lavish bedrooms, the hotel was famed for its French restaurant, Le Soufflé, presided over by head chef, Peter Kromberg, for over 25 years. It’s doubtful that any top-ranking hotel would want to be associated with the sex industry, but, amazingly, Mary spoke in great detail about the Intercontinental on one of the many erotic recordings she committed to tape in 1977.

Hotel Intercontinental 1981

Mary’s dirty stories were usually based on true experiences, and for one particular recording she recounts how she had “a lover called Dave, from show-business” (alluding to her then-boyfriend Dave Cash, a DJ on London’s Capital Radio station). “Every second we got we were screwing,” Mary says, before explaining that they went to the Intercontinental together; she wearing an evening gown and Dave donning a dickie-bow. The randy couple visit the Soufflé Room and are dazzled by an array of “marvellous French food” and “three or four waiters to each table.” The pair soon can’t keep their hands off each other, and Mary describes how they both masturbate underneath the “long white tablecloths”, avoiding the attentive staff, until they have to mop themselves up with the Intercontinental serviettes! Only then are they “able to get on with the main course.”

Mary’s torrid tale is told with customary good humour, but it’s fascinating how unabashed she is when talking about one of London’s most famous luxury venues. The Intercontinental still prides itself on being the city’s ‘most prestigious address’ although, sadly, Le Soufflé is no more; it was recently replaced by a stylish Italian dining room and kitchen.

All words strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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Come Play with Mary on DVD

I’ve been asked a lot recently if my forthcoming movie about Mary will be coming to DVD. Well, the answer is yes, and it’s coming sooner than you think. On 2 May 2016 Respectable – The Mary Millington Story will be released in the UK. There’s lots of ‘special features’ on the disc; more to be revealed nearer the time. For the moment here’s a sneak peek at the front cover…

Respectable Mary Millington DVD

 Image strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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F is for Fake

Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times to verify signed Mary Millington items. I’m fortunate to be the custodian of several incredibly rare pieces of memorabilia – including signed photographs, private letters, magazines, books and even the notes Mary wrote on the night she died. They are all genuine articles, but if you want to be a collector of Mary ephemera it’s important to know that not all signatures purporting to be ‘real’ are actually genuine. There was, in fact, actually more than one ‘Mary Millington’ wielding a biro.

During the height of ‘Mary mania’ in the mid to late-1970s Britain’s #1 model just didn’t have the time or resources to respond to the sack-loads of fan letters which arrived each week at the headquarters of David Sullivan’s Roldvale Publishing empire. Many admirers requested signed photos or magazines, or even personal correspondence. David has told me that he regularly got his then-secretary Doreen Millington (no relation), or other staff in his office, to “sign on Mary’s behalf”. The punters were happy, since they thought they were receiving a genuine signature from their idol, and for Roldvale it made perfect business sense to keep up the pretence.

Obviously, after Mary started working in the Whitehouse Shop in Norbury (between 1975 and 1978), and then at the International Sex Centre in Tooting (from 1978 to 1979), she was happy to sign magazines face-to-face to customers who came into see her; but she never did it free-of-charge. Of course, Mary wasn’t serving in her shop every day – or even every week – and her staff often signed items in her absence. I know this to be true as they’ve confirmed it to me.

Here’s a genuine Mary Millington signature (left) compared to an example of Doreen Millington’s handiwork (right):

Mary Millington signature

The huge difference between the two handwriting styles is apparent to any budding-graphologist. They are unquestionably not the work of the same person. So if you ever spot a ‘rare Mary Millington autograph’ on an auction site for a hugely inflated price, check first, because, just like a devoted fan in 1975, you might only be buying a slice of fantasy, rather than reality.

All words strictly © Simon Sheridan 2016

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