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Mary Millington Respectable

Respectable – The Mary Millington Story (2015)

In the 1970s there was a pretty English girl-next-door who truly personified the word ‘glamour’. Her rise to the top was meteoric, controversial and scandalous. She became the most famous pin-up of the decade, and her racy reputation could shift a million newspapers and sell the longest-running British movie of all-time.
Her name was Mary Millington – Britain’s only genuine sex superstar.
Mary’s incredible fame brought her a lavish lifestyle and an affair with a serving Prime Minister. Her sexuality was accessible, and her personality addictive. But Maryʼs sexual bravado hid a darker side. Persecuted by the authorities, Mary was tortured by self-doubt and she died at the height of her fame in August 1979. She was just 33.
Shot on location in London, and at the legendary Pinewood Studios, Simon Sheridanʼs enthralling documentary Respectable – The Mary Millington Story reveals the truth behind a British icon and speaks to those who knew her best. Actor Dexter Fletcher narrates a story stranger than any fiction – of lost innocence, sex, fame, fortune and, ultimately, tragedy.
Starring: Mary Millington, David Sullivan, Trevor Crook, Dave Cash, Dudley Sutton, Allan Warren, Linzi Drew, Pat Astley, Maureen Flanagan, Francoise Pascal, Stanley Long, Nick Ridge, Richard, Denise and Susan Quilter.
Director: Simon Sheridan
Originally released: 7 April 2016
Special DVD features: Audio commentary by Simon Sheridan and Sam Dunn; Respectable teaser trailer; original 1977 Come Play with Me trailer; Party Pieces – short 1974 Mary Millington film; Confessions from the David Sullivan Affair featurette; Keep it Up, Sue Longhurst featurette and Sex Talk with Ed Tudor-Pole featurette.

Respectable (2015) is available to buy from Amazon on DVD.

Mary Millington Eskimo Nell

Eskimo Nell (1974)
Alongside Come Play with Me and Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Eskimo Nell takes its place as one of the most celebrated British sex comedies of the 1970s. Featuring a witty script from Michael Armstrong (who also stars) and directed by a young Martin Campbell years before he helmed the James Bond movies GoldenEye and Casino Royale, Eskimo Nell is a hilarious satire on the low-budget British movie industry.
Three inexperienced filmmakers attempt to make a movie version of the notoriously rude poem The Ballad of Eskimo Nell, with disastrous results. This classic British comedy features a cast of famous faces including Roy Kinnear (The Three Musketeers) and Katy Manning (Doctor Who) plus an eye-popping cameo from Mary Millington in her début movie.Re-mastered from the original film elements, and boasting a host of special features, Eskimo Nell celebrates its 40th anniversary on Blu-ray for the very first time.
Starring: Michael Armstrong, Roy Kinnear, Katy Manning, Anna Quayle, Diane Langton, Christopher Biggins & Mary Millington.
Director: Martin Campbell
Originally released: 17 January 1975
Special DVD and Blu-ray features: Brand new audio commentary by Michael Armstrong and Simon Sheridan, 8-page booklet notes by Simon Sheridan, remastered theatrical trailer, reversible sleeve art and Mary Millington’s short film Wild Lovers.

Eskimo Nell (1974) is available to buy from Amazon on DVD and Blu-ray:

Eskimo Nell 40th Anniversary Special Edition [Blu-ray]
Eskimo Nell 40th Anniversary Special Edition [DVD]

Come Play with Me DVD

Come Play with Me (1977)
Originally released in April 1977 amid a whirlwind of tabloid controversy, Come Play with Me is the most celebrated British sex comedy of all time. Directed by filmmaker George Harrison Marks, this classic X-rated farce tells the story of two elderly banknote forgers who seek refuge at a health farm. Luckily for them, the clinic is staffed by a hoard of sex-crazed nurses who can’t wait to offer a variety of special treatments!
Featuring famous character actors like Irene Handl, Alfie Bass and Ronald Fraser, Come Play with Me really set temperatures rising with its supporting cast of glamour girls – Suzy Mandel, Anna Bergman, Nicola Austine and, most famously of all, the legendary Mary Millington. Movie audiences found the temptation too much to resist and the film played solidly in London for nearly four years – still a British cinema record. Now, five decades after its original box office-busting cinema debut, Come Play with Me is presented digitally remastered from the original negatives and with a host of saucy special features.
Starring: Mary Millington, Suzy Mandel, Anna Bergman, Sue Longhurst, Alfie Bass, Irene Handl, Ronald Fraser & Bob Todd
Director: George Harrison Marks, Executive Producer: David Sullivan
Originally released: 28 April 1977
Special DVD features: Brand new 1.85:HD transfer, booklet notes by Simon Sheridan, stills gallery, Mary Millington in Sex Is My Business (1975) and Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions (1980)

Come Play with Me (1977) is available from:

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Come Play With Me Digitally Remastered Special Edition DVD 1977

Playbirds DVD

The Playbirds (1978)
In her greatest film role, the legendary Mary Millington plays a sexy policewoman secretly infiltrating the seedy world of pornography. In order to unmask a pathological killer who’s targeting the beautiful centrefolds of Playbirds magazine, Mary puts her life, and reputation, on the line by sleeping with millionaire publisher Harry Dougan (Alan Lake). The Chief Superintendant (Glynn Edwards) and Police Commissioner (Windsor Davies) are keeping a close eye on her, but time is running out fast. Now that Mary’s joined the blue squad, will she blow her cover?
One of the most fabled British sexploitation films of the 1970s finally gets a release on DVD, beautifully remastered from the original negatives. Based on the best-selling porn magazine and featuring star turns from Gavin Campbell (That’s Life!), Dudley Sutton (Lovejoy) and the luscious Suzy Mandel, The Playbirds is a murder thriller bursting with thrilling bodies!
“Striptease, nudity, sex and a touch of the kinky!” Films Illustrated
Starring: Mary Millington, Alan Lake, Glynn Edwards, Gavin Campbell, Dudley Sutton, Suzy Mandel & Pat Astley
Director: Willy Roe, Executive Producer: David Sullivan
Originally released: 6 July 1978
Special DVD features: Brand new 1.78:1 widescreen transfer, booklet notes by Simon Sheridan, stills gallery, Mary Millington in Response (1974) and Mary Millington’s World Striptease Extravaganza (1981)

The Playbirds (1978) is avaliable from Odeon Entertainment and Amazon:
The Playbirds Ft Extra Mary Millington’s World Striptease Extravaganza Digitally Remastered Special Edition DVD

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair DVD

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979)
Alan Lake is David Galaxy, the playboy astrologer who beds beautiful young women as easily as he reads fortunes. His glamorous conquests include a high society debutante (sex superstar Mary Millington) and a busty beauty queen (real-life ‘Miss Bournemouth’ Rosemary England), but he soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law and not even his own horoscope can predict the future!
First released at the Eros cinema on Piccadilly Circus in June 1979, this saucy sex comedy follows in the footsteps of Come Play with Me and The Playbirds and features a supporting cast of classic British actors including Bernie Winters, Anthony Booth, Kenny Lynch and Diana Dors.
Starring: Alan Lake, Mary Millington, Glynn Edwards, Bernie Winters & Diana Dors
Director: Willy Roe, Executive Producer: David Sullivan
Originally released: 28 June 1979
Special DVD features: Brand new 1.33:1 full-frame transfer, booklet notes by Simon Sheridan, stills gallery, Mary Millington in Queen of the Blues (1979) and Rosemary England in Arabian Knights (1979)

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979) is available from Odeon Entertainment and Amazon:
Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair / Queen Of The Blues Digitally Remastered DVD [1979]

Keep it up Downstairs

Keep It Up Downstairs (1976)
A bawdy British period romp in the classic 1970s’ sex comedy mould, Keep It Up Downstairs spoofs classic ITV series Upstairs Downstairs and sees a host of stars shedding their Edwardian costumes to save the family silver, including Diana Dors, sex superstar Mary Millington, Willie Rushton, Françoise Pascal, Aimi MacDonald and erstwhile ‘Artful Dodger’, Jack Wild. Keep It Up Downstairs makes its debut on DVD in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.
The year is 1904; the setting is Cockshute Towers, one of England’s stateliest homes. When the household is threatened with bankruptcy, both the masters and the servants are prepared to co-operate in trying to raise some cash; after all, most of them are enjoying liaisons of one kind or another among themselves, and none have any desire to give up their rewarding way of life!
Starring: Diana Dors, Jack Wild, Françoise Pascal, Neil Hallett, Willie Rushton and Mary Millington
Director: Robert Young
Originally released: 29 July 1976
Special DVD features: Full Frame 4:3, as-filmed version of main feature, Original theatrical trailer, Image gallery and original cinema press-book PDF

Keep It Up Downstairs (1976) is available to buy from Amazon on DVD:
Keep It Up Downstairs (1976) [DVD]

Intimate Games

Intimate Games (1976)
When hapless college tutor Professor Gottlieb (George Baker, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries) instructs his class of horny pupils to research a project on sexual fantasies he gets more than he bargained for. From double entendres to delightful stripteases, the young men and women are soon playing the most intimate of games!
This classic British sex comedy features a perfect mixture of familiar acting faces, such as Ian Hendry, Hugh Lloyd, Queenie Watts and a raunchy roll call of naughty 1970s stars including Anna Bergman, Suzy Mandel and an early un-credited appearance by superstar Mary Millington.
Starring: George Baker, Ian Hendry, Suzy Mandel, Anna Bergman, Heather Deeley, Queenie Watts and Mary Millington
Director: Tudor Gates
Originally released: 16 June 1976
Special DVD features: PAL 4:3 transfer, booklet notes by Simon Sheridan and cinema trailer

Intimate Games (1976) is available to buy from Amazon:
Intimate Games [DVD]

Emmanuelle in Soho DVD

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)

Originally conceived as a gangster thriller called Funeral in Soho starring Mary Millington, the script was re-written as Emmanuelle in Soho and re-cast after her sudden death. Set in London’s notorious red-light district, Emmanuelle in Soho exposes the salacious world of back-street striptease shows, pornographers and the infamous ‘casting couch’. Fame hungry Emmanuelle (Mandy Miller) does whatever it takes to make it big, even if that means signing up with London’s sleaziest porn agent (John M. East).

Produced by David Sullivan, Emmanuelle in Soho features Julie Lee (1955-1983) in her only starring role, ably assisted by a bevy of gorgeous girls, including cameos from sex queens Linzi Drew, Natalie Newport, Louise London and Marie Harper. Released in July 1981, the movie became the very last blockbuster of the British sex comedy era, running solidly for 35 weeks in London alone.
Starring: Julie Lee, Mandy Miller, John M. East, Gavin Clare & Keith Fraser
Director: David Hughes, Executive Producer: David Sullivan
Originally released: 4 July 1981
Special DVD features: PAL 1.33:1 transfer, booklet notes by Simon Sheridan, extended US prequel and alternate US party scene sequence

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981) is available from Odeon Entertainment and Amazon:
Emmanuelle In Soho – [DVD] [1981]