A capricious beauty…

Caprice Plus 1975

Prior to her career-changing meeting with publisher David Sullivan, in the early-1970s Mary happily ‘did the rounds’ of London-based photographers who sold her pictures to a variety of publications such as Beautiful Britons, Janus, Sexpert and New Direction. During this period her photo also graced the cover of issue #4 of Caprice Plus, a little-remembered spin-off from adult journal Caprice, published monthly by Verve Publications of Croydon. Verve specialised in top-shelf magazines geared towards the ‘couples’ market. Predominantly printed in grainy black and white, Caprice Plus specialised in sexy stories, contact adverts, ‘Man of the Month’ pin-ups and exceedingly tame photo-spreads of the male/female or lesbian variety. Some of the layouts were supplied by legendary photographer George Harrison Marks and one of his protégés, busty model Clyda Rosen, often featured.

The fourth issue of Caprice Plus was published in early 1975, although the photo of Mary was most likely shot at least 18 months earlier. Showing her pre-nose job, and looking uncharacteristically chubby, Mary sadly doesn’t appear anywhere else in the magazine, although, tellingly, an advert for Whitehouse and Park Lane does; both David Sullivan titles which she was to utterly dominate for the next four years.

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